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Antalya, one of the most important tourism cities in Turkey, has proven itself to the world and has become one of the world's known and respected tourism cities in tourism. According to some, it is the capital of Turkish Tourism. It is an open-air museum with many ancient cities and places such as Aspendos, Perge, Side, Letoon, and Patara in and around Antalya, and a world city because it contains traces of many cultures.

These ancient cities, historical places, historical artifacts, museums bring the magical world of the past together with today's people.

In Antalya's "Three Seasons of Spring, One Season of Summer", you can go skiing in the mountains and swimming in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean on the same day. In short, Antalya is a unique world paradise with its magnificent natural beauties, warm climate, clean sea, fine sandy beaches, magnificent mountains, colorful colors, various endemic plants, animals, national parks, turquoise bays, high standard air, and seaports.


It is one of the most beautiful beaches Antalya has. Located in the west of Antalya province, the beach attracts thousands of tourists every year. In addition to being one of the longest beaches in Turkey, there are many hotels around it. It has suitable areas not only for swimming but also for walking and doing sports. The beach, which has become indispensable for holidaymakers, is located 4 km from the city center of Antalya. While Antalya cliffs form the borders of the beach in the east, Antalya harbor in the west. Konyaaltı coastline has a length of 7 km and has a beach consisting of sandy and pebbles. It can be seen in the coastal part of the rocks that can be seen from place to place. In addition to being a public beach, it is one of the rare beaches with a blue flag.


Patara beach is quite a big beach. It has a beach with a length of 18 km. The effect of this beach on the fact that the district is a touristic district is also quite large. It is possible to see sea turtles known as Caretta-Caretta along the beach. Especially the breeding process of Caretta-Caretta is very important for the region. Protection measures are taken. In addition, local people are more sensitive because they know the breeding period.


It is among the most important and oldest cities in Lycia. It has played an important role in bringing a lot of historical information to light. In ancient Hittite texts, the name of the city is referred to as "Patar". Archaeological studies in Tepecik acropolis enabled detailed information about the region to be reached. Pottery from the Middle Bronze Age was found. The city gained importance, especially during the Byzantine period.


It has the distinction of being one of the largest museums in Turkey. Established in 1922, the museum is very rich in terms of historical artifacts. Artifacts unearthed during excavations in the region are exhibited here. It has successfully undertaken the task of being both an archeology and history museum. The museum, which draws attention with its design and halls, also includes natural history and children's sections. There are many halls in the museum, from the halls of the emperors to the halls of the gods.


Cleopatra Bay, one of the most famous bays of Kemer, is known as the place where Cleopatra, who is rumored to have taken its beauty from the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, met Caesar. The cove, which has turquoise sea and golden yellow sand, stands out as an area that families can easily prefer thanks to its shallow and clear waters. It is an area visited especially by campers and off-road enthusiasts.

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